# Case of use

The ArduinoThreePosToggleSwitchControl class allow you to send 3 commands depending on the state of 2 digital input PIN. You can use it with a 3 positions toggle switch.

# Arduino connection

Board view Sketch view
3 positions toggle switch connection (board view) 3 positions toggle switch connection (sketch view)

# Code sample

#include "src/RomgereCockpit/Application/CockpitMainApplication.h"
#include "src/RomgereCockpit/CommunicationInterface/EthernetInterface.h"
#include "src/RomgereCockpit/ArduinoControl/ArduinoTheePosToggleSwitchControl.h"

CockpitMainApplication  *cockpitApp;
EthernetInterface       *ethernetInterface;

void setup() {
  ethernetInterface = new EthernetInterface( ... );
  cockpitApp = new CockpitMainApplication(ethernetInterface);

  //Declare and bind control with command
    new ArduinoTheePosToggleSwitchControl(6, 7), //Create 3 pos Toggle Switch Control on PIN 6 & 7
    new XPlaneSimpleCommand("sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_1"), //Send "HSI shows nav 1" command to X-Plane
    new XPlaneSimpleCommand("sim/autopilot/hsi_select_nav_2"), //Send "HSI shows nav 2" command to X-Plane
    new XPlaneSimpleCommand("sim/autopilot/hsi_select_gps") //Send "HSI shows GPS" command to X-Plane

void loop() {

# Options (constructor parameters)

Here is the definition of the ArduinoThreePosToggleSwitchControl constructor :

Multi arduino board OFF : ArduinoIncrementalThreePosToggleSwitchControl( uint8_t pin1, uint8_t pin2);

Multi arduino board ON : ArduinoIncrementalThreePosToggleSwitchControl( uint8_t pin1, uint8_t pin2, int boardAddress = -1);

Arguments definition :

  1. uint8_t pin1 : PIN n°1 on which Toggle switch is plug.
  2. uint8_t pin2 : PIN n°2 on which Toggle switch is plug.
  3. int boardAddress (default: -1) : Address of slave board on which xxxx is plug (-1 = plug on main board). Available only if you previously enable the "multi board mode"