# Register (aka "bind") input/output control with data/control

To work properly, all controls need to be associate ("register") with data or command :

Each input control registered with command(s) will send the associated command when its state change.

Each registered output control with data will change when associated data change.

# Register input control with X-Plane command

To register input control and X-Plane command together you need to use the RegisterInputControl method on the application instance :

  new ArduinoPushButtonControl(40),
  new XPlaneSimpleCommand("sim/annunciator/test_all_annunciators")

void RegisterInputControl( ArduinoInputControl *ctrl, XPlaneOutputCommand *cmd1 = NULL, ...);

Arguments definition :

  1. ArduinoInputControl *ctrl : Pointer to the input control to register.
  2. XPlaneOutputCommand *cmd1 (default: NULL) : Pointer to output command.
  3. ... : Other output command (for multiple positions control). Max number of argumen depending on the library configuration

# Register output control with X-Plane data

To register output control and X-Plane data together you need to use the RegisterOutputControl method on the application instance :

  new ArduinoLEDControl(32),
  new XPlaneInputData(67, 0)

void RegisterOutputControl( ArduinoOutputControl *ctrl, XPlaneInputData *data, inputDataTransformFunction fct = NULL);

Arguments definition :

  1. ArduinoOutputControl *ctrl : Pointer to the output control to register.
  2. XPlaneInputData *data : Pointer to input data.
  3. inputDataTransformFunction fct (default: NULL) : Transformation function (Use whole group's data to determine control state). See Transformation function for more information.